4 Reasons Your Kittens Fast Breathing That You Need To Know

Rapid breathing in kittens can mean a lot of things, from respiratory problems to cardiac arrest. If it seems like your kitten is suffering from a rapid breathing, this is something a pet owner should not be ignored and consider a wake-up call that your kitten must be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

What is FIV in Cats?

One of the common question cat owners asks if they find out that their furry friend has been positive for FIV is that, what exactly if FIV? Is it transferable to humans and is it curable? To give you a better understanding of this condition, please read the following information.

Do Your Cats Like Peanut Butter? The Best Answer You Can Find Here

We know how much you love your cats and we understand that you will do everything to make them happy and keep them healthy all the time. Most cat owners buy treats for their feline friends. Some of them come in different flavors that they surely adore. There are several types of pet treats out there that consists of peanut butter imitation and this is the main reason why some cat owners preferably purchase peanut butter if they ran out of treats. Most kittens love it but do cats like peanut butter?


What is The Best Medicine for Ear Mites treatment in Your Cat?

Knowing the causes of ear mites and how to treat them is essential to the overall wellness of your cat. These mites can be a huge problem, but the real risk occurs when your cat is excessively scratching their body to relieve itching. Continuously doing this behavior can result in deep wounds as it becomes more persistent.

Another thing that the pet owners must be concerned about is that ear mites can lead to a serious health condition. It can travel and grow from one host to another. This means that other pets at home are also prone to catching ear mites and suffer from the same health issues as your cat.

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Can Your Cat Eat That? Something You Need to Know

When it comes to the health of your feline friend, all you want to make sure is he get the right kind of food for the benefit of his nutritional needs. Some foods which are right for humans can be a possible danger for both cats and dogs because their metabolism is different from us. Some cats may experience mild digestive issues while others can have severe effects and even lead to death. We understand how much you value your cats since they are already a member of your family, spoiling them too much to their meals might not always be the right thing to do.

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