10 Ways to Encourage Cats to Drink Water that You Need to Know

Cats need water in their daily lives but most of them don’t drink enough. It is essential for pets to stay hydrated all the time. Preventing possible hydration is a must especially if the cat is suffering from kidney problems. 2 out of 5 cats have the possibility to develop such disease and most cat owners are already aware that hydration may worsen the problem. Water is one of the most important body compound your cat may need. Just like human, water makes up 80% of our body, it is also the same for cats.
Even a small amount of water intake can make a difference to their overall health. Don’t assume that cats already know what is best for their health but it is still important that we encourage them to drink more water. It is beneficial for pet owners to learn the significance of this practice to make sure that their friend is maintaining their wellness.

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Why Do Cats Feel Depressed When Left Alone? – Things You Need to Know

Cats are part of the family that needs a social life. They create a special bond with people and other animals. If left alone at home without any companion, they easily become bored and sleep more than the normal hours compare to the other cats that have a persistent companion. Lonely cats sometimes find ways to keep themselves entertained such as unrolling the tissue paper in the toilet or anything.

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What Does Cats Snoring Mean? – The Answer You Need to Know

It’s very common for humans to snore. Most of us experience this event. But have you ever heard of cats snoring during sleep? Have you ever wondered if this is possible or what do cats snore sounds like? Is it similar to us humans that is very likely loud or quiet? Are you even aware that your furry friend snores as well?

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When Does Cats Starts Having Kittens? – Things You Need to Know

Kittens are so adorable and most of the time, owners often hard to accept that they’ve grown so fast. No matter how much you deny it, it’s unavoidable. As long as the kittens reach its sexual maturity, they can start getting pregnant. What are the things you should know when do cats start having kittens?

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What is the Average Life Expectancy of an Outdoor Cat? – All You Need to Know

You may be asking, what is the average lifespan of an outdoor cat? While most people choose not to know the answer to this question, still, knowing how long an outdoor cat may live can somehow improve their lifespan and serve as an important information to have. There are different factors that can affect the life expectancy of any cat in particular. In some aspect, owners do not have control over it like a hereditary factor to a certain disease. Some are manageable like keeping the outdoor cat safe and improve their health. It all depends on various factors. Ideally, outdoor cats live less than indoor cats.

The average lifespan of the cat is about 15-17 years long. It’s just sad that not all of them are able to achieve this lifespan. As a matter of fact, there are cats that live well at the age of 20’s but still in a healthy condition. Let’s talk about the lifespan of an indoor and outdoor cats.

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