Ear Mites in Your Cats: All you Need to Know

Playing with your favorite feline friend is one of the sweet memories you can cherish. But seeing them suffer from ear mites is absolutely not fun at all.

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Hypoallergenic Cats: Everything You Need to Know

We always heard about pets’ allergies and we often forget to discuss human allergies to pets. There are a lot of owners suffer from allergies to their animals. Part of the most distressing scenario we encounter are people who love their pets so much and begins to experience severe allergy and ending up deciding whether to keep them or endure the suffering every day. Luckily, there are different options and suggestions that pet owners can do who are allergic to cats and other pets.

In this article, you will read about what cat allergies are, the signs and symptoms and treatments needed. It is appropriate for pet owners to understand that pet allergies can affect anyone at any age.

The Best Grain-Free Foods for Your Cat to Help it Healthy

Grain free cat food is becoming popular nowadays and widely selected among pet owners. The question is, is it good for pets? There are a lot of researchers believed that a grain free cat food is ideal for cats because they are carnivores. As a matter of fact, most cats love grain free cat food.

What is the most important factor is giving them a kind of food that offers a complete and well-balanced nutrition? If the cat food lacks of specific nutrients, our cats will suffer in the end.

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Are Geraniums Toxic to Your Cats?

Having cats in your home is like having young children. You need to practice safety measure to encourage assurance and well-being. When it comes to the safety of your cat, 100% protection against all possible danger in this world is a must. Pet owners must be concerned with the kind of food that their cats are eating. There are plants out there that could be dangerous and poisonous to them. One good example of this plant is called geraniums (pelargonium spp.) It may seem sweet, colorful and safe but don’t be fooled by its appearance. This is very harmful to both cats and dogs.

8 Really Reasons Why Scabs on Your Cats

Skin disorders in cats can be disappointing for both owners and cats. Most common signs of skin diseases are pruritis (itchiness), excessive body grooming, the existence of scabs and hair loss. There are several causes of skin diseases and most of the time it is difficult to identify the root.