How to Detect and Clean Cat Urine Spots in 15 Ways

Are you having a problem finding cat pee in your house? Regardless of how much you love your feline friend, it is never healthy and comfortable to live with cat urine spots in different areas of your home. It is not enjoyable spending time to keep detecting cat urine. Cats can be delicate when it comes to their bathroom hygiene. If litter box is not appropriate for them, they are more likely to pee everywhere which can cause unnecessary odors. Urine cat smell is not something you would love especially inside your home!

Pros and Cons when You Feed Bengal – Things You Need to Know

Bengal cats play for hours whether with you or your stuff. If these cute fur breed left alone, they can get bored easily. You can take them out of your home and have some family activities that will keep them entertained. They have an exotic looking feature but they are not wild.

Can You Feed Cat with Chicken Bones?

It is very important for pet owners to understand the dangers of feeding their pets chicken bones or raw chicken. As a matter of fact, one wrong handling of these foods could end up harming your precious fur baby.

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