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Do Your Cats Like Peanut Butter? The Best Answer You Can Find Here

We know how much you love your cats and we understand that you will do everything to make them happy and keep them healthy all the time. Most cat owners buy treats for their feline friends. Some of them come in different flavors that they surely adore. There are several types of pet treats out there that consists of peanut butter imitation and this is the main reason why some cat owners preferably purchase peanut butter if they ran out of treats. Most kittens love it but do cats like peanut butter?

Can Your Cat Eat That? Something You Need to Know

When it comes to the health of your feline friend, all you want to make sure is he get the right kind of food for the benefit of his nutritional needs. Some foods which are right for humans can be a possible danger for both cats and dogs because their metabolism is different from us. Some cats may experience mild digestive issues while others can have severe effects and even lead to death. We understand how much you value your cats since they are already a member of your family, spoiling them too much to their meals might not always be the right thing to do.

The Best Grain-Free Foods for Your Cat to Help it Healthy

Grain free cat food is becoming popular nowadays and widely selected among pet owners. The question is, is it good for pets? There are a lot of researchers believed that a grain free cat food is ideal for cats because they are carnivores. As a matter of fact, most cats love grain free cat food.

What is the most important factor is giving them a kind of food that offers a complete and well-balanced nutrition? If the cat food lacks of specific nutrients, our cats will suffer in the end.

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When Is The Best Time to Switch Kitten Food to Adult Food?

When you bring your kitten home, all you think about is to give the right food designed for their age. Time will come that kittens will be eating adult food and that happens very soon without even knowing it. It is just right to plan ahead of time the type of food to give made for adult cats. You can find several premium adult foods in pet stores or ask your vet about it.During teenage years of cats, they still play. Maturity develops quickly making them a full grown adult cat. You could see the changes by 6-8 months but they are still considered kittens. Their bones are still growing stronger. When they reach adulthood, the nutrition need in this period is different from the younger ages and it is best to give them the right diet that is appropriate according to their age group.

Is Tea Harmful to Your Cats? The Answer You Need to Know

Cats love to taste the food and drink of their owners and aim to do silly things like plunging their heads to the plates. This can be a very challenging habit that most owners need to deal with because you never know what food your cat may ingest resulting in life threatening situation. If a large amount of toxic food is consumed such as caffeine which can be found in teas, it can be very dangerous and may result in death.Aside from tea, caffeine can also be found in coffee, chocolates, sodas, energy drinks and other painkiller treatments. In this case, vets do not recommend giving human painkiller medicines to cats or dogs.