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8 Really Reasons Why Scabs on Your Cats

Skin disorders in cats can be disappointing for both owners and cats. Most common signs of skin diseases are pruritis (itchiness), excessive body grooming, the existence of scabs and hair loss. There are several causes of skin diseases and most of the time it is difficult to identify the root.

When Do Your Cat Reach Full Size?

Your beloved kitten will grow soon becoming an adult cat without you knowing it. But do not be deceived by the appearances. Some feature of female cats matures immediately than others. Deciding to neuter or spay your kitten can make a difference to their growth. But the question is, when do cats reach its full size? Different cat breeds mature in different aspects. For cats with short hair usually reach its full size at the age of 3. Some cat breeds mature quickly or slower than the others.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Cat to Drink Water That You Need to Know

Cats need water in their daily lives but most of them don’t drink enough. It is essential for pets to stay hydrated all the time. Preventing possible hydration is a must especially if the cat is suffering from kidney problems. 2 out of 5 cats have the possibility to develop such disease and most cat owners are already aware that hydration may worsen the problem. Water is one of the most important body compound your cat may need. Just like human, water makes up 80% of our body, it is also the same for cats.

How to Deworm Your Cat in 2 Strategies

There are different types of intestinal parasites that can harm your beloved cat. These worms are commonly known as tapeworms, hookworms, heartworms and roundworms. These parasites can cause danger in your cat’s life and eventually affect other pets and overall health of the family. Cat owners must understand that deworming your kitten is necessary especially those adopted cats and those that manifest signs and symptoms of having intestinal parasites. This method should be discussed with your vet to know when is the best time to start deworming and learn how to deworm a cat by implement the right procedure. There are 2 strategies to deworm your cat:

Is Tea Harmful to Your Cats? The Answer You Need to Know

Cats love to taste the food and drink of their owners and aim to do silly things like plunging their heads to the plates. This can be a very challenging habit that most owners need to deal with because you never know what food your cat may ingest resulting in life threatening situation. If a large amount of toxic food is consumed such as caffeine which can be found in teas, it can be very dangerous and may result in death.Aside from tea, caffeine can also be found in coffee, chocolates, sodas, energy drinks and other painkiller treatments. In this case, vets do not recommend giving human painkiller medicines to cats or dogs.