10 Ways to Encourage Cats to Drink Water that You Need to Know

Cats need water in their daily lives but most of them don’t drink enough. It is essential for pets to stay hydrated all the time. Preventing possible hydration is a must especially if the cat is suffering from kidney problems. 2 out of 5 cats have the possibility to develop such disease and most cat owners are already aware that hydration may worsen the problem. Water is one of the most important body compound your cat may need. Just like human, water makes up 80% of our body, it is also the same for cats.
Even a small amount of water intake can make a difference to their overall health. Don’t assume that cats already know what is best for their health but it is still important that we encourage them to drink more water. It is beneficial for pet owners to learn the significance of this practice to make sure that their friend is maintaining their wellness.


What Could Be the Possible Risk If Your Cat Doesn’t Consume Water Enough?

If your feline friend is not drinking enough water, possible health risk condition may arise. One of it is dehydration. Not enough water consumption can develop UTI problems and kidney disease. 

Most cat owners do ask, why is their cat not drinking water?

Cat’s family grow in the wild. They came from a kin creature that has the ability to preserve thirst very well and can survive without so much water intake. In this case, most cats nowadays do not have high thirst drive. The reason why they don’t drink is because they simply do not want it. Although we are aware that pet cats nowadays have the capability to condense their urine, they may still end up acquiring possible kidney disease especially if their water intake is not enough.
Addition to the problem is that, some cat owners do not know how to encourage their friend to drink more. Below are some tips to follow in order to keep your cat healthy, happy and hydrated all the time.

Ways to Encourage Cats to Drink Water

1. Try to Switch Dry Food to Wet Food

Wet food just like canned food have enough moisture. According to some vet, this is the easiest way to bring water in their diet. If this is not effective, you can try to add water or broth on the dry food. Observe if your cat will eat it. Most of them love to have a tasty moisture in their meal which can be a good option as well.

2. Add Ice Cubes on Cat Food

Ice cubes put a little amount of water in the food and may serve as their treat as well. Mix it with the prepared food to add flavor. The more they lick the ice cubes, the more they are getting water intake. Cat owners can also bring bowl of ice cubes which makes the water more fun with them. There are some cats that love cold water, just like how human craves for it.

3. Give Small and Frequent Meals

Small meals provoke thirst drive; in this way you may be inviting cats to drink more water.

4. Prepare Lots of Water Bowls All Around the House

Make it convenient for your friend to drink more by placing water bowls all around the house. Location is important. Always keep it fresh to encourage comfort and interest to drink water.

5. Do Not Place Water Bowls Near Litter Box

Be aware of the location of the bowl. Do not place it near their litter box. Just like human, do you want to drink near the toilet? No one would love that. Keep the bowl clean all the time with soap and change the water daily. Sterilize the bowl once a week. One of the reason why most cats do not drink water is because their bowls are dirty. Cat owners must be aware that their feline friend can be picky at times and won’t be happy drinking from dirty bowls.

6. Change The Water Daily

It is necessary to change water regularly. Cats do love fresh water and we truly understand that as humans. Make sure to change it daily and clean the bowl as often as needed to keep it from grease and prevent the development of bacteria.

7. Keep The Running Water On

Most cats love running water. Consider this as the best time to get your cat drink more water so keep the faucet on. Do this several times a day. If possible, make this as a routine every morning and night time. It is also a good opportunity to create bonding with your beloved cat.

8. Add The Water in Cat’s Food

As mentioned above, you can encourage your cat to drink more by adding enough amount of water in the cat food. Chicken broth is also ideal. Talk about it with your vet if you require something very healthy and would definitely love by your cat. Each cat is unique, even the type of food can make a difference. Juice can also be added on their water or fridge it to create tasty ice cubes. 

9. Use of Fountains

Since most cats’ love running water, they would definitely enjoy cat fountains. It may take some time to get used to it but once they do, they will love it. Cat fountains are appealing due to moving water that makes it fresh. It may help especially if owners forget to clean the bowls because of busy schedule. Not only it looks nice, it also works well.

10. Use Different Type of Bowls

Cats are picky to almost everything they see, use and eat. By using different bowls in the house, you may also encourage them to drink. Plastic, glass, ceramic or stainless will do. In this way, you will notice that cats have their own preferences. Look for the bowls that usually drains faster and use that. Remember that if you encourage your cat to drink a lot, this means more health and happiness you bring to them. Helping them to encourage this practice will bring a lot of advantages not only for their kind but for the whole family as well. Some cat fountain is expensive which cost about $60 more but for the sake of your cat’s health, it may be worth the price.


It is alarming for pet owners to think that their fur babies are not getting the right amount of water in their body. If you are worried that your cat may suffer from dehydration, there is a simple test that can be done to assess the situation. Slowly pull the back of your cat’s neck, particularly the skin. If the skin is slowly turn back to normal, it can be a manifestation of dehydration. In this case, you should consult to the vet as soon as possible.

Cats are not all the same. Not all suggestions from above are effective to all cats. They have their own preferences and personality. Don’t be disappointed if you did everything and nothing seems to work out. Try other things that you can think your cat would love. Don’t be afraid of discovering new strategies to encourage them to drink more water. Just pay attention to what they want and what they need.

What Your Cat Should Not Drink?

Milk is not a substitute for water. If you use milk instead of water, they will only become dehydrated. Most cats are lactose intolerant and once they drink milk they will only end up with diarrhea. Cow’s milk is not also ideal for cats. It causes digestive problems. If for some reason they need to consume milk especially the kittens, there are “cat milk” formula available in pet shops. It is beneficial to give it with fresh water. Discard the milk after 60 minutes and change it to water.
Other kinds of drink that should not be given to cats are alcohol, tea, coffee and water with chemicals.

Pet owners must be aware as well that too much water intake and excessive urination can be a manifestation of serious health condition. If you notice such behavior, take them to the vet as soon as possible for proper medical check-up.

If you need to know more information about water intake and nutritional needs, consult your vet for suggestions on what specific health need for their age, activity and diet.

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