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Are British Shorthair Cats Hypoallergenic? – The Answer Will Make You Excited

The British Shorthair cats are very well-known breed in the UK. These breeds are very sweet although they have tempered personalities, they love to establish a strong bond with their humans. One good thing about them is that they get along with other pets in the family or can be independent which makes them ideal for the family.

Describing their physical appearance, their body is muscular and solid. However, their personality is outgoing and very affectionate. The coat is short and comes in different colors and patterns. It should be groomed 2 or 3 times a week to remove unwanted hair.

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Why Won’t my cat Sleep Next to me Anymore? – The Answer You Need to Know

​Some cat owners do ask, why does my cat not sleep with me anymore? Most of us probably thought that when our cat comes up to the bed, he’s pretty well comfortable but this is not always the case. Surprisingly, there are cats that don’t like to sleep on the bed or suddenly don’t want to sleep next to you. Many possible reasons why your cat does this.

As a matter of fact, just like humans, felines have their own preferences about where they want to sleep. It could be due to the comfort and any other reasons. If they appear to be not comfortable with us, how can we really tell? Their sleeping mark could depend on warmth area, high spots, favorite window or in an area/furniture where they are comfortable. These favorite spots could change easily in one snap. So, what could be the reasons why your cat won’t sleep with you anymore?

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How Often Do You Need to Worm Your Cat with Drontal? – The Answer You Need to Know

Without you knowing it, your feline friend might have worms. There are 2 types of intestinal worms affecting all types of cats, these are roundworms and tapeworms. Symptoms are not always visible in this case. These worms can easily be acquired by eating the eggs from outside or ingesting the infected fleas during the grooming proves. Kittens are the ones that can easily get the roundworms from their mothers especially when breastfeeding.
The Drontal tablets work efficiently to kill these worms. So, what’s exactly is this medication?

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When Do Cats Go in Heat? – Things You Need to Know

Like any other female animals, cats do experience cycles that construct their bodies for fertilization and birth process. For a female human, this period is called “menstrual cycle”. For cats, it is known as estrus. When cats experience this cycle, they usually in heat and ready for mating. Kittens have the possibility to go in heat making it necessary to have them spayed as to avoid an early pregnancy and having the responsibility or raising new kittens at home.

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What is FIV in Cats? – The Answer You Need to Know

One of the common question cat owners asks if they find out that their furry friend has been positive for FIV is that, what exactly if FIV? Is it transferable to humans and is it curable? To give you a better understanding of this condition, please read the following information.

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