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Can you Leave Your Cat Alone for a Week?

If you’ll be gone for more than a day, it’s better to look for a pet sitter or board your cat in a pet-friendly facility. There are so many reasons why pet owners shouldn’t leave them alone for long. It’s only a myth that cats can be independent and able to survive by themselves, they need care and full attention. When left alone for a long period of time, the absence of pet owners can create anxiety and stress. For some reasons, cats can be independent but not for a long period of time. They also feel alone and worried without their pet parent, especially if you’re planning to be away for more than 7 days. Just like humans, they also worry and feel abandoned and at that time, it contributes more anxiety the longer the owners are away. Cats also feel bored immediately without touch or affection and sooner creates behavioral problems if left alone for so long. Having a pet sitter to take care of them or boarding them in a pet-friendly facility will give them enough attention and care they need. It’s the best thing you can do for them.

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Can Humans Acquired Cat Diseases?

You are highly at risk of acquiring an illness from an infected person chats or small droplets than acquiring the disease from cats. Most of the cat’s diseases only infect their race just like humans only infect people. However, some zoonotic illnesses can be acquired between humans and cats. With a direct contact with the infected feline’s feces or saliva, fleas or ticks, the disease can also be transmitted to the owners. Here are the following cat diseases that can be transmitted to the owners.

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List of The Best Flea And Tick Prevention for Cats

To get rid of the ear mites you must visit your vet and get the ear mite medicine prescribed. The same goes for ticks and fleas, although many consider it a minor problem, you should always seek for an expert advice. There are numerous products offered on that market that promise quick and easy solutions; however, if you want to keep your pet safe you should do a thorough research and consult professionals before purchasing any of them.
For this reason, I want to find out what’s the best ear mite medicine and recommend the products that are the safest, most efficient and approved by professionals.

Both ticks and fleas are parasitic insects which harass animals, especially dogs and cats. Ticks and fleas are critters, they adjust to their surroundings with no problem and then enjoy a free meal –blood of our beloved pets.

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How to Care for Toothless Cats – Things You Need to Know

As your cat gets older, many of them lose teeth due to dental diseases and tooth decay. In severe cases, missing multiple teeth is possible. Your furry friend during this time can eat dry food even after losing their teeth. The owners must be patient in taking time to adjust.

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How to Prevent Old Cat to Pee Everywhere – Everything You Need to Know

Accidents happen sometimes but it’s a big problem when cats stop using the litter box. If your fur friend was trained to use their box since younger years and suddenly peeing in several spots around your house, you have a big issue here.

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