Why Cats Smacks their Lips? – The Key things You Need to Know

Have you ever asked why does my cat smack his lips? This behavior can be very concerning for most cat owners as they do not know what is going on or what could possibly happen especially if this episode is associated with other symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness and diarrhea.

There are cats that smack their lips than the others. There are also some felines that lick other things at home like the floor, window and etc. It is true that cats do not lick a lot. It can actually catch your attention if your friend has been doing this a lot and suddenly stops. It could be a sign of health problems. Here is helpful information why do felines smack their lips.

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Do Both Cats Get Along? – Enjoyable Things You Need to Know

Having 2 or more cats can be a difficult situation especially if you don’t know how to handle their differences. Whether you want to bring home 2 cute fur babies together or planning to adopt a new one, there are possible problems you may encounter from jealousy to territorial disagreement. Male and female cats in one home is not an issue either.

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Is Bamboo Toxic for Cats? – Important Things You Must Know

Bamboo plants which have the scientific name called Phyllostachys aurea is not a toxic plant. If this is the case, bamboo is not poisonous to cats. If your furry friend ingested a piece of this plant, there is no side effect to expect from them.
Do you have a bamboo plant in your home? Are you trying to determine if the plants in your garden can be toxic or not for your cat? In this article, you will be able to read the lists of the plants that can be dangerous for them including the plants that have bamboo in their common name.

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How Many Days a cat Can Live Without Water? – The Answers You Must Know

Food and water are mainly essential for both humans and pets. Drinking water is very important in maintaining an overall wellness and replace those fluids that we lost when sweating or urinating. Since cat does all these tasks, it is essential that they have an access to drinking areas all the time.

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Why Do Kittens Breathe Fast? – Things You Need to Know

Rapid breathing in kittens can mean a lot of things, from respiratory problems to cardiac arrest. If it seems like your kitten is suffering from a rapid breathing, this is something a pet owner should not be ignored and consider a wakeup call that your kitten must be taken to the vet as soon as possible.
Fast breathing in medical term is called tachypnea. It is a respiratory disorder that indicates an abnormal breathing pattern either it is shallow or rapid. It is caused by a small amount of oxygen level in the body making the lungs not able to expand well normally and because of too much fluid around the area. It can be due to a physiological problem in which the kitten’s respiratory stimulus in the brain is overly active.

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