What is the Average Life Expectancy of an Outdoor Cat? – All You Need to Know

You may be asking, what is the average lifespan of an outdoor cat? While most people choose not to know the answer to this question, still, knowing how long an outdoor cat may live can somehow improve their lifespan and serve as an important information to have. There are different factors that can affect the life expectancy of any cat in particular. In some aspect, owners do not have control over it like a hereditary factor to a certain disease. Some are manageable like keeping the outdoor cat safe and improve their health. It all depends on various factors. Ideally, outdoor cats live less than indoor cats.

The average lifespan of the cat is about 15-17 years long. It’s just sad that not all of them are able to achieve this lifespan. As a matter of fact, there are cats that live well at the age of 20’s but still in a healthy condition. Let’s talk about the lifespan of an indoor and outdoor cats.

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The 5 Best Foods for your Diabetic Cat – All You Need to Know

If your cat has been acting strangely, but you don’t know what’s exactly wrong with it, you should try taking it to the vet’s – it might have diabetes. Yes, that is possible and more probable than you might think.
But what to do when your cat is diagnosed with this condition? How to care for it? What food can it eat? Well, we answer those questions and more in this article as we go through a list of the best food for diabetic cats.

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Is it Safe to Use Neosporin for Cats? – Things You Need to Know

​Cats often get themselves into the fight or falling off from trees that result to wound or scratches. When incidence happens, their body system heals differently from humans but they still bleed and get hurt just like us. It is only natural for cat owners to ask “can I put Neosporin on my cat?” Are the pain relievers and certain medications safe for them?
In most cases, some medications are safe for cats that include dexamethasone, lysine and codeine which is also being used by the vets. In other severe instances, vets prescribed antibiotics that are intended for humans. One of this antibiotics is called Neosporin. It can be used for prevention of infections from burns, cuts, wounds and etc. We all know that our feline friends are prone to fight, scratch and bite from other animals even with their own human parents. The big question is, it safe to use for the treatment of cuts and wounds? As a matter of fact, it is very popular with us humans and finds it very effective to use Neosporin. It can also be purchased over the counter. Let’s discuss first what Neosporin is made of.

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Is Spinach Safe for Cats? – Things you need to know

We all know that cats are carnivorous and most of their diet consist of meat. A small amount of vegetables once in a while is good but remember that not all green leafy vegetables are safe. There are only few which can be given such as carrots and peas. What about spinach? Is it safe?

Spinach can be quite uncertain though it is not very toxic for cats when given in a small amount. Owners must be extra careful and shouldn’t overfeed with it. Some cat owners are enjoying feeding their beloved friend with human food without taking any considerations. Their digestive system is different from us humans and they’re incapable of digesting a certain type of food. To prevent this risk, it is just right to know if spinach is good for cats?

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Playful Kitten is Happy Kitten – The Best Toys for Indoor Cats

Even though you might think of your feline as the cutest and the most innocent creature in the world, cats are in fact predators by their nature. This means they can only be happy as long as they hunt. Domestic cats that have a chance to go outdoors, visit the garden and feel the grass under their paws, still can enjoy this activity from time to time, chasing birds, mice or bugs.
On the other hand, indoor cats often fail to satisfy this instinct which results in various inconveniences for their owners – scratched furniture, destroyed clothes, occasionally a dead parrot or a goldfish. Fortunately, these tragic results can be prevented if you supply your beloved furry friend with adequate indoor toys.
Keep reading, and we will tell you everything you need to know about the best cat toys for indoor cats.

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