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Why Cat Meow While in the Litter Box? – Things You Need to Know

Have you noticed your cat recently crying when he tries to go to his litter tray? If yes, this could be a sign that your friend may be in pain while trying to use the toilet. There are different factors associated with medical condition why your cat is in pain. In some cases, a serious condition may arise and needed an immediate vet care.

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Why Cats Smacks their Lips? – The Key things You Need to Know

Have you ever asked why does my cat smack his lips? This behavior can be very concerning for most cat owners as they do not know what is going on or what could possibly happen especially if this episode is associated with other symptoms like loss of appetite, vomiting, weakness and diarrhea.

There are cats that smack their lips than the others. There are also some felines that lick other things at home like the floor, window and etc. It is true that cats do not lick a lot. It can actually catch your attention if your friend has been doing this a lot and suddenly stops. It could be a sign of health problems. Here is helpful information why do felines smack their lips.

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Do Both Cats Get Along? – Enjoyable Things You Need to Know

Having 2 or more cats can be a difficult situation especially if you don’t know how to handle their differences. Whether you want to bring home 2 cute fur babies together or planning to adopt a new one, there are possible problems you may encounter from jealousy to territorial disagreement. Male and female cats in one home is not an issue either.

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How Many Days a cat Can Live Without Water? – The Answers You Must Know

Food and water are mainly essential for both humans and pets. Drinking water is very important in maintaining an overall wellness and replace those fluids that we lost when sweating or urinating. Since cat does all these tasks, it is essential that they have an access to drinking areas all the time.

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Why is my Cat Doesn’t Eat and Drink? – The Key Things You Must Know

When your cat suddenly refuses to take food and water, it can be quite alarming. Although they experience this situation once in their lives, cats can sometimes be very picky. Changing the food or feeding routine might be one of the causes why your cat suddenly does not eat or drink. As we all know, cat response easily to environmental changes or other types of stress. If this is the case, you don’t have to worry. Your furry friend will go back to their regular routine.
However, if there are any health problems that cause them not to eat and drink within 48-hour period, it’s best to consult this with your vet. Loss of appetite may be associated with dental infections and intestinal issues.

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