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Why Won’t my cat Sleep Next to me Anymore? – The Answer You Need to Know

​Some cat owners do ask, why does my cat not sleep with me anymore? Most of us probably thought that when our cat comes up to the bed, he’s pretty well comfortable but this is not always the case. Surprisingly, there are cats that don’t like to sleep on the bed or suddenly don’t want to sleep next to you. Many possible reasons why your cat does this.

As a matter of fact, just like humans, felines have their own preferences about where they want to sleep. It could be due to the comfort and any other reasons. If they appear to be not comfortable with us, how can we really tell? Their sleeping mark could depend on warmth area, high spots, favorite window or in an area/furniture where they are comfortable. These favorite spots could change easily in one snap. So, what could be the reasons why your cat won’t sleep with you anymore?

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When Do Cats Go in Heat? – Things You Need to Know

Like any other female animals, cats do experience cycles that construct their bodies for fertilization and birth process. For a female human, this period is called “menstrual cycle”. For cats, it is known as estrus. When cats experience this cycle, they usually in heat and ready for mating. Kittens have the possibility to go in heat making it necessary to have them spayed as to avoid an early pregnancy and having the responsibility or raising new kittens at home.

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When Can You Give Kitten Adult Food? – The Answer You Need to Know

When you bring your kitten home, all you think about is to give the right food designed for their age. Time will come that kittens will be eating adult food and that happens very soon without even knowing it. It is just right to plan ahead of time the type of food to give made for adult cats. You can find several premium adult foods in pet stores or ask your vet about it.
During teenage years of cats, they still play. Maturity develops quickly making them a full grown adult cat. You could see the changes by 6-8 months but they are still considered kittens. Their bones are still growing stronger. When they reach adulthood, the nutrition need in this period is different from the younger ages and it is best to give them the right diet that is appropriate according to their age group. 

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When Do Cats Reach Full Size? – The Answer You Need to know

Your beloved kitten will grow soon becoming an adult cat without you knowing it. But do not be deceived by the appearances. Some feature of female cats matures immediately than others. Deciding to neuter or spay your kitten can make a difference to their growth. But the question is, when do cats reach its full size? Different cat breeds mature in different aspects. For cats with short hair usually reach its full size at the age of 3. Some cat breeds mature quickly or slower than the others.

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Are Geraniums Toxic to Your Cats? – The Answer You Need to Know

​Having cats in your home is like having young children. You need to practice safety measure to encourage assurance and well-being. When it comes to safety of your cat, 100% protection against all possible danger in this world is a must. Pet owners must be concerned with the kind of food that their cats are eating. There are plants out there that could be dangerous and poisonous to them. One good example of this plant is called geraniums (pelargonium spp.) It may seem sweet, colorful and safe but don’t be fooled by its appearance. This is very harmful for both cats and dogs.

Our beloved cats love to eat everything they see out of curiosity. It may be possible that they could swallow or ingest a small portion of geraniums. If you think your cat has ingested this kind of plant, watch out for the symptoms before contacting the vet. A direct contact may also cause your fur friend to have a temporary irritation although it is somehow no reason to worry for serious health issues at all.

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