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How to Stop a Newly Adoted Cat to Cry At Night – Things You Need to Know

The only way cats communicate is through uttering vocalization. All cats produce a sound called “meowing” to be able to tell their owners that something is going on. Generally, pet owners appreciate this type of connection through vocal call as cats do this form of communication as well to other pets. Cats from the shelter are usually surrendered here due to this behavior. There is a big difference between crying and talking. Few of them just love meowing than others. Other breed like Siamese are known to be talkative all day long and it’s already became their nature. Do you find your cat cry most of the time at night? Is the cat new at home? Is the behavior occur at specific time of the day either in the morning or evening?

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Why Cats Teeth Fall Out? – The Answer You Need to Know

Teeth falling out from your cat is something that pet owners must give attention to especially if they are losing it continuously. It can be a sign of serious health conditions that you need to seek a professional help or it is just a normal process they are going through. To be able to know if the condition is a serious health problem or not, pet owners must understand the reasons why their cat’s teeth are falling out and what could be the possible signs to watch out for before bringing them to the vet. Have you ever wonder why do cats teeth fall out?

Usually, cats lose their teeth from 3-8 months, this is the period when they lose their baby teeth and may experience loss of appetite due to sore gums. At 6 months of age, permanent teeth may start to replace the old ones. Your friend’s teeth are similar to use human so it is necessary to keep it clean by regularly brushing their teeth and have a veterinary teeth cleaning once a year. If owners don’t implement prevention, cats may suffer from plaque, gingivitis and other serious health diseases. 

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How to Feed Your Cat in 12 Ways?

When cats are sick or suffering from anxiety, they are more likely to lose their appetite. Did you ever wonder how to get a cat to eat during such condition? There are times that they are just quite picky when it comes to food. For owners who are having a hard time feeding their kittens, add some water on the dry food. Start from here and slowly minimize the water amount as time goes by. In this way, your kitten will be adjusted to it. Weather can also affect why cats do not eat especially when they have colds because of incapability to smell food. If this happen, it would be hard to feed and force them to eat. With a little tender loving care, it may be successful but only for rare cases.

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10 Ways to Encourage Cats to Drink Water that You Need to Know

Cats need water in their daily lives but most of them don’t drink enough. It is essential for pets to stay hydrated all the time. Preventing possible hydration is a must especially if the cat is suffering from kidney problems. 2 out of 5 cats have the possibility to develop such disease and most cat owners are already aware that hydration may worsen the problem. Water is one of the most important body compound your cat may need. Just like human, water makes up 80% of our body, it is also the same for cats.
Even a small amount of water intake can make a difference to their overall health. Don’t assume that cats already know what is best for their health but it is still important that we encourage them to drink more water. It is beneficial for pet owners to learn the significance of this practice to make sure that their friend is maintaining their wellness.

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Why Do Cats Feel Depressed When Left Alone? – Things You Need to Know

Cats are part of the family that needs a social life. They create a special bond with people and other animals. If left alone at home without any companion, they easily become bored and sleep more than the normal hours compare to the other cats that have a persistent companion. Lonely cats sometimes find ways to keep themselves entertained such as unrolling the tissue paper in the toilet or anything.

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