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Kitty’s Nap Time – The Best Cat Beds Of 2018

If you have a cat, then I’m sure you often find it sleeping in places you’d least expect - bookshelves, cardboard boxes, shoe racks, etc. This observation has led many to believe that buying a bed for their cat is pointless. While this claim may have some truth to it, I still believe that any kitty would enjoy having a pleasant and comfortable spot to snug down in.

Today, I’m going to present a list of the best cat beds on the market and explain what you need to know before buying one. These products come in a wide variety of styles and designs, so this article aims to help you pick the best possible model for your feline.

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How to Choose the Best Cat Nail Clippers – Things You Need to Know

Tripping your cat’s nail is necessary to keep them healthy and seeing the best in them. However, some cats do not prefer having their nails trimmed. It is import to start cutting their nails during younger years to get used to the process. There are cute feline friends who will sit happily on your lap to begin with the procedure using the best cat nail clippers. As owners, you must be very careful in doing so as to prevent possible injuries it may occur.

The purpose of having those nails trimmed is to remove sharp points you feel when you cuddle them. It is also one way to prevent furniture to shred. In this article you will see the benefits and best cat nail clippers you can find online.

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Finding the Best Brush for Cats Because They Deserve the Best

​Cats can be very independent when it comes to grooming, and you can often catch them cleaning themselves. However, your soft furry pet needs a bit of your help to achieve optimal hair and skin health, especially if they have long hair.
By brushing your cat regularly (once a day for a long-haired feline pet and once a week for a short-haired one) you are massaging its skin and bring natural oils to the surface, thus boosting the health of its skin. Furthermore, brushing your cat is a unique way of bonding by getting it comfortable with your touch. It is also good for the hygiene of your home because it minimizes shedding the fur.
None of this would be possible without the right brush. This article will help you find the best brush for cat, and explain you the long road to the perfect choice.

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The 5 Best Foods for your Diabetic Cat – All You Need to Know

If your cat has been acting strangely, but you don’t know what’s exactly wrong with it, you should try taking it to the vet’s – it might have diabetes. Yes, that is possible and more probable than you might think.
But what to do when your cat is diagnosed with this condition? How to care for it? What food can it eat? Well, we answer those questions and more in this article as we go through a list of the best food for diabetic cats.

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Playful Kitten is Happy Kitten – The Best Toys for Indoor Cats

Even though you might think of your feline as the cutest and the most innocent creature in the world, cats are in fact predators by their nature. This means they can only be happy as long as they hunt. Domestic cats that have a chance to go outdoors, visit the garden and feel the grass under their paws, still can enjoy this activity from time to time, chasing birds, mice or bugs.
On the other hand, indoor cats often fail to satisfy this instinct which results in various inconveniences for their owners – scratched furniture, destroyed clothes, occasionally a dead parrot or a goldfish. Fortunately, these tragic results can be prevented if you supply your beloved furry friend with adequate indoor toys.
Keep reading, and we will tell you everything you need to know about the best cat toys for indoor cats.

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