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Finding the Best Brush for Cats Because They Deserve the Best

​Cats can be very independent when it comes to grooming, and you can often catch them cleaning themselves. However, your soft furry pet needs a bit of your help to achieve optimal hair and skin health, especially if they have long hair.
By brushing your cat regularly (once a day for a long-haired feline pet and once a week for a short-haired one) you are massaging its skin and bring natural oils to the surface, thus boosting the health of its skin. Furthermore, brushing your cat is a unique way of bonding by getting it comfortable with your touch. It is also good for the hygiene of your home because it minimizes shedding the fur.
None of this would be possible without the right brush. This article will help you find the best brush for cat, and explain you the long road to the perfect choice.

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Why is Your Cat So Clingy? Things You Need to Know

​Cats are unpredictable most of the time. They can be sweet, playful, affectionate, strong-willed and sometimes unapproachable. Having them in the family is indeed an exciting experience! Yet, there are moments that they are very clingy to their humans and seeking for attention. You could be asking, why is my cat so clingy? There are several reasons why your furry friend acts this way.

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Why does my Cat Eat Paper?

Cats are very adorable animals, they love playing and sometimes fond of eating anything they see around including the paper! This behavior is possible especially if your fur baby is kept in a place without any stimulation such as having a toy to play with. We can’t really understand why do cats eat paper. Some of their cravings also include eating catnip, mice, plants, rubber bands, shoes, plastic and anything you name it.

This behavior is called pica which is very common in cats. According to some study, oriental cats are prompt to this action. Some owners often ask; why does my cat eat paper? Here are the following reasons for these unexplained doings.

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