Is it Safe to Use Neosporin for Cats? – Things You Need to Know

​Cats often get themselves into the fight or falling off from trees that result to wound or scratches. When incidence happens, their body system heals differently from humans but they still bleed and get hurt just like us. It is only natural for cat owners to ask “can I put Neosporin on my cat?” Are the pain relievers and certain medications safe for them?
In most cases, some medications are safe for cats that include dexamethasone, lysine and codeine which is also being used by the vets. In other severe instances, vets prescribed antibiotics that are intended for humans. One of this antibiotics is called Neosporin. It can be used for prevention of infections from burns, cuts, wounds and etc. We all know that our feline friends are prone to fight, scratch and bite from other animals even with their own human parents. The big question is, it safe to use for the treatment of cuts and wounds? As a matter of fact, it is very popular with us humans and finds it very effective to use Neosporin. It can also be purchased over the counter. Let’s discuss first what Neosporin is made of.


What is Neosporin?

Neosporin is also known as triple antibiotic due to its 3 main ingredients. The neomycin, bacitracin and polymyxin. These substances are effective in treating minor skin infections and wounds that result from cuts and burns. Just apply it to the area and the medication will provide a protection against the possible growth of bacteria. Moreover, it helps the wound heal faster for humans.

Can I Put Neosporin on my Cat?

The answer is yes, but not necessary. As discussed above, the medication helps for faster wound healing process and prevent infection in humans. It’s also the same for animals. You can use the medication on scratches or cuts but never use it to an area that is already infected or irritated just like the abscess or acne. Also, Neosporin is not designed to heal deeper wounds, rashes, bites and etc.
For any serious matter, it is best to take your feline friend to the vet to be able to address the issue accordingly. For deeper wounds, the vet may need to clip the hair from the infected area, clean it properly and put some bandage so your cat won’t be able to lick it. Never do anything by yourself and try to medicate any deeper wounds. The right thing you can do for now is to take them to the vet and see if the area may need to be stitched.

Why It’s Not a Good Ideal to Give Neosporin for Cats?

Although as discussed above that Neosporin can be given to cats, there could still be an allergic reaction may arise. Furthermore, the 3 main ingredients of Neosporin known as neomycin, Polymyxin B and bacitracin can result in anaphylactic shock or worst death.
The medication has a significant effect on humans especially for minor skin issues but when it comes to our cats, it may not always be the best one.
Your feline friend grooms themselves by licking their body. If the medication is ingested or put into their eyes, it can be a bad thing. Even if you use a collar to avoid getting the medication touch their mouth, you cannot guarantee. An accident always happens.
Aside from the information above, the Neosporin have other important ingredients to alleviate pain and most of these components are not food for your cat which may cause further harm. Cat owners must be very careful when it comes to their feline’s health especially to the skin care. It is only best to consult with your vet about the right medications and ointments to use.

Cuts and Wounds

It’s quite normal for cats to have wounds, cuts and scratches especially if they are outdoor cats. As a natural response to their wound, they’ll tend to lick the area as a way to treat themselves and heal the wound quickly. Cats have remarkable saliva that can clean coats, scratches and even cuts. They will repeatedly lick the area to for faster healing. Eventually, they know when to stop licking. It’s like they know how to heal themselves. Cat owners do not really need to worry too much about treating these scratches because they know what to do and they have all they need.
When you give a medication like Neosporin, they do not know what it is and what it can do for them. You can actually cause harm if you’re not very careful. As mentioned above, ingesting Neosporin may do harm for them. Putting up a bandage on the area is also not a good thing because they can easily claw it to get it off.

Alternative to Neosporin

Always have a first aid kit available at your home for your cats. Since your feline friend is a part of the family, it’s just right to prepare one for them. Aside from using Neosporin, you can use a first aid kit designed for cats which include styptic sticks, bandages, gauze, tweezers, rectal thermometer and antiseptic solution. You can ask your vet about the antiseptic solution to use.

What to Remember

Do not worry too much about what medications to give your cats if you’re only dealing with cuts and scratches. Neosporin is not always the solution. Your feline friend will naturally address the issue and don’t really need your help. For serious wounds, it is best to take them to the vet immediately and have it treated there.

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