What is the Best Food for Savannah Cat? – The Answer You Need to Know

Savannah cats are beautiful and unique. They are domestic cross-breed that possess the appearance of its ancestor known as the African Serval. They usually have dark spots with a short and thick tail. Savannah cats are very adventurous and playful, especially in the water. They can be easily trained to walk on a leash and loves to play fetch with their owners. They create a special bond with humans and perform best with everyday activities.


What Exactly Do They Look Like?

Savannah possesses the enchanting look. Legs are usually longer than the average cats and ears are bigger.

Behavior and Characteristics

Savannah cats are loyal, smart and loving to their family. Owners must keep their feline friends active at all times as to avoid destroying some kinds of stuff at home. You can give them toys for diversion and encourage fun activities to keep them entertained at all times.

They are also athletic and can easily jump for about 2 meters from where they are standing. Most cat owners love to keep this breed because of their fun personalities. The most exciting part here is that they are capable of greeting their owners at the door when they got home.

Is this Breed Right for You?

This type of breed loves to seek attention from the owners and this is one of the reasons why they are not compatible with small kids at home. However, they can be sociable or shy making them a great companion for the family and older kids.

What to Feed Savannah Cats?

Your feline friend is an important part of the family even the kitten you are about to bring at home. All you want for them is to be happy and be healthy at all times. To make sure of this, it’s best to pay attention to their food.
Some owners stated that raw food is good for them with at least 35% protein or use a little amount but high-quality diet that has no grains.

Other breeders suggest not to feed them with raw food but instead give them both canned and dry food every day. According to them, the right serving should be rich in protein and grain-free diet along with everyday serving or human grade canned meat.
Some breeders usually choose canned and dry food for so many years.

What to Feed Savannah Kittens?

Feeding Savannah kittens require a different method according to their age and owners must pay attention to them. Below are the following guidelines on how to feed the kittens by age group.

During 0-8 weeks

In this period, the kittens require being fed with a raw diet and ground chicken. Also, the food should be supplied with vitamins and minerals. Once the kitten started eating raw chicken with no hassle, you can transfer the diet with wet food which is usually formulated with chicken. Mix it with wet food until adaptation phase is finished.

3 Months

Kittens should be eating wet food in this age group. A small amount of dry cat food can be given such as kibbles.

Adult Period

Adult savannah cats can totally have any kind of diet. Most cat owners prefer shifting to dry food as time goes by. This is just fine and healthier for them. The kind of dry food you select creates a big impact on their health.

How to Feed Your Cats Using Different Types of Food

For Dry Food

Although most cat owners feed their feline friends with raw food, it’s best to give them a high quality dry food. It consists of less energy content and less digestible. Also, dry food can be put anywhere without being refrigerated. As a matter of fact, it can be given as a snack. Savannah cats love snacks rather than serving the food as a meal. Dry food is cleaner, cheaper and easy to handle compared to any type of diet.

Meat-Based Diet

It is important that the main ingredients in your feline friend diet should be meat based. One good example of this is the chicken. Although it is not a meat-based diet, it can be the best ingredient for them. The duck-based formula is also necessary for their health.

Give them Potatoes

You can give dry food with potatoes or sweet potatoes in their diet. Create a kibble shape and add some fiber. This type of diet is healthy for them.

Do Not Use Some Ingredients

Dry food is good for cats and has low carbohydrates which often lead to dehydration and eventually cause some health issues in the long period of time. Do not feed your feline friend with a large amount of rice, wheat and corn. Although these foods are cheaper, it can be a big problem in the future and can risk the health of your cat.

Semi-Moist Diet

This type of food consists of preservatives to avoid spoilage and other components to retain the water. The chemical compound in semi-moist food can cause increased water intake and can eventually expand the workload of the small kidneys. For some reason, the breeders do not use this kind of diet due to health purposes.

Canned Food

There are 2 types of canned food, one is for rations which usually contains soy, wheat, cereal, meat, vitamins and minerals. The other one is called Gourmet diet which has vitamins and minerals, meat and fewer vegetables.
One of the best ways to prevent bringing your cat to a vet for health reasons is to invest more on gourmet cat food. The rations should not be given to Savannah bred because it has grains and completely poor in nature.

The Gourmet food has an increased chance of meat which is needed by your friend. The Serval breed can eat all bones, stomach parts and muscle of a wild capture.

The Ingredients

When selecting the right type of diet for your cat, it is necessary for pet owners to know the essential part of main ingredients which the fat, minerals and proteins are.

The Protein

According to some sources, Savannah cat’s diet must have at least 35% of protein which means including some of the raw food. Canned food only has 10% of protein white the dry food has 35%.

The Fat

All cats do not require fat in their body because they get the energy from carbohydrates and protein. Some fats are important for metabolism purposes of Vitamins A, D, K and E.
Dry food has a small amount of fat while canned food has about 20% of it.

The Minerals

During the early days, cat food with a large amount of mineral compound caused Urinary Tract Disease which is previously known as the Feline Urological Syndrome.

Some of the cat food nowadays are designed to keep the acid in the urine to help lessen the risk of the said disease. As a matter of fact, the canned food in the market today has a good balance nutrition necessary for your feline friend.

The texture is also an important thing to consider when choosing the right type of cat food. Cheap food usually has fewer ingredients. A high-quality cat food use mixed component and this is the reason why it’s even more expensive.

Final Thoughts

By following the tips above, you can be sure to maintain your Savannah cat’s diet in a proper way. Always keep them healthy at all times and happy as long as they live.

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